Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

We, as MPG – The Eyewear Company, are aware of our ethical and, of course, legal obligations towards our employees, but also towards everyone we work with, and we take these obligations very seriously.

To fulfill the legal requirements, we have therefore set up a whistleblower hotline, which we would like to briefly introduce to you below.

We are using a software that complies with all legal requirements, in particular those of data protection law. You can use this hotline to report legal violations in one of the following companies of the MPG Group: MPG GmbH, RLR Eyewear GesmbH, MPG Optische Werke GmbH and Austrian Optic Technologies GmbH. You can report this both anonymously and by stating your name in the areas provided for by law. If you decide not to provide your information in anonymized form, your data will of course be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Your information will be received and processed by an external ombudsman who is bound to confidentiality. If required, you can also arrange a personal meeting with this ombudsman via the electronic whistleblower platform and thus submit your report in person.

Help us to investigate and prevent legal violations that you have noticed. For example, you can safely report information relating to the product safety of our services, consumer protection, data protection, criminal offenses such as theft, fraud, corruption and much more

It’s as simple as that:

Click on the link below and indicate whether you wish to submit a report anonymously or by disclosing your details. Then indicate the category and the company to which the content of your report relates and describe the incident you perceived.

You will then receive access to a digital mailbox that is protected by a password you choose yourself and to which no one else has access. You can then use this mailbox to communicate anonymously with the external ombudsman. You will receive confirmation that your report has been received as well as information on the actions taken.

Das Management der MPG  – The Eyewear Company